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wood pelleting machine,named wood pellet press machine, it used the to pellet mill sawdust to wood pellets, the moisture is 15%,the wood pellets is 7%,the wood pelleting machine is important in the pellet mill line
wood pelleting machine, named the wood pellet machine, wood pelleting machine, pellet mill machines ,it used to press the wood pellets, when the raw material is wood ,and diameter is 8mm,and the moisture is lower 15%,the wood pelleting machine can done wi
wood pellet press machine, name wood pellet machine, wood pelleting machine, pellet mill machine, pellet press, the raw material is the wood, after to crush them, the diameter is 8mm,after into the dryer machine ,the moisture is 15%,then with the wood pel
pellet mill, call the wood pellet machine, wood pellet press machine, wood pelleting machine, pellet mill, pellet press machine, when  the raw material moisture is 15%-17%,the pellet mill to press the sawdust to wood pellets
pellet mill machine, called the wood pellet machine, wood pelleting machine, wood pellet press machine, pellet mill, pellet press,when the raw material moisture is 15%,use the pellet mill machine to press wood sawdust to wood pellets
wood pelleting machine,we supply the new type wood pellet machine line, the die use more than 1600hours,lower cost, higher yield, few Maintenance costs.the die is easy change.
Sawdust particles are a new type of energy, thermal value of about 4300, ash at 1.5%, carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide content are lower than coal and natural gas and other conventional energy emissions,
Sawdust particles of raw materials from the waste
dryer machine,sawdust dryer machine, due this time, alway rains the raw material moisture is too much, in the sunny day, the moisture is 30-40%,alway rain, the moisture is up to the 50-70%,so that we have to use the dryer machine, it can down the moisture
Wood chips, wood logs through the diameter of about 20mm, to suppress the particles, sawdust diameter must be within 8mm, all need to go through the shredder treatment, the power of the crusher is 220kw, 6 tons per hour of wood production.
Sawdust granule machine, the material pressed into particles, become a new fuel, the material moisture at 15%, after compression molding, the water is 7%, 90kw particle machine is 1.5 tons per hour, 220kw particle machine is 3 tons per hour , The life of