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wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machine as long as a person operating the production, (the production of particles of raw materials 150 yuan per ton, electricity or  costs 50 yuan per ton, labor costs 50 yuan per ton, grain machine wear costs 20 yuan per ton, the total total 270 yuan, Fuel market price is 600 yuan per ton, 600 yuan minus 270 yuan, is the daily net profit per ton of pellet fuel 330 yuan), particle machine can produce 8 hours a day
4 tons of particles, a particle machine will create 1320 yuan a day net profit, net profit of 39,600 yuan per month, the annual net profit is 475200 yuan, the above calculation is sufficient in the case of raw materials can be achieved, if Is a large particle machine equipment is difficult to achieve this profit, large equipment can not move only move the raw materials so can not achieve such a high profit (raw material transport radius will be less profit margins